Bitcoin Network’s Hashrate Gets a Boost with Updated BitFury 16nm Chip

Veteran ASIC chip producer BitFury announced yesterday via Twitter that they are “finally” coming to market with a 16-nanometer chip which will be, reportedly, the fastest chip on record.

According to their own website, the chip will produce up to 180 gigahashes per second, per chip. The news mainly affects ASIC miner producers, since small-scale, consumer-facing sales are not the purview of BitFury. Effectively, this would mean a 1 terrahash rig would only require 6 chips total, massively decreasing the size of future mining hardware.

For some perspective, one of the earliest 1 TH/s rigs to market, which used Bitmine’s CoinCraft A1 chips (around 25-26 gigahashes per second each), weighed around 33 pounds and required a great deal of power. In the same way that modern cell phones have more computing power than it took to control NASA’s 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, the next generation of ASIC Bitcoin miners will require far less space to produce security and profitability

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