Bitcoin Network’s Hashrate Gets a Boost with Updated BitFury 16nm Chip

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Veteran ASIC chip writer BitFury announced yesterday around Twitter that they are “finally” entrance to marketplace with a 16-nanometer chip that will be, reportedly, a fastest chip on record.

According to their possess website, a chip will furnish adult to 180 gigahashes per second, per chip. The news especially affects ASIC miner producers, given small-scale, consumer-facing sales are not a reach of BitFury. Effectively, this would meant a 1 terrahash supply would usually need 6 chips total, massively dwindling a distance of destiny mining hardware.

For some perspective, one of a beginning 1 TH/s rigs to market, which used Bitmine’s CoinCraft A1 chips (around 25-26 gigahashes per second each), weighed around 33 pounds and compulsory a good understanding of power. In a same approach that complicated dungeon phones have some-more computing energy than it took to control NASA’s 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, a subsequent era of ASIC Bitcoin miners will need distant reduction space to furnish confidence and profitability

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