Bitcoin News – Coinbase Penetrates Singapore With New Retail Bitcoin Service

Coinbase, one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges and wallet services in the United States, has unveiled retail buy-and-sell operations in Singapore and Canada. 

The operations is part of the San-Francisco-based company’s expansion into Asia to make digital currency more accessible around the globe, Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO and co-founder, disclosed.

The cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service firm in Singapore, set to open on Thursday, will allow clients to buy and sell virtual cash with the Singapore currency.

At around 8 a.m. today Singapore local time, customers in the country can buy and sell digital cash using Singapore Dollars via Coinbase.

Coinbase has also unveiled a buy and sell service as well as a bitcoin exchange for professional online traders in Canada earlier this week.

According to Coinbase International Expansion head David Farmer, The Lion City is a major market for the company. “At present, over 15,000 people in Singapore have signed up for a Coinbase Wallet.”

With more and more customers realizing the importance of bitcoin, Coinbase is making sure they give what the people need. Famer added: “By extending our buy and sell service in Singapore, we are helping to make their on-ramp to the Bitcoin world as simple and as safe as possible as we move ahead.”

Unlike conventional currencies, digital money is purchased and sold via peer-to-peer network immune to government control. Being independent in nature, Bitcoin is not supported by a central bank, and its value fluctuates based on user demand.

Singapore has a reputation for financial trust and confidentiality, and is well-established to serve a big chunk of the rapidly-evolving emerging markets like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines.

Today, Coinbase has business centers in nearly 30 geographical locations around the globe. The company aims to have a presence in 40 countries by the end of the year, Armstrong said.

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