Bitcoin News Round Up June 4 2016

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The week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments.


Bitcoin Market cap hits 9 Billion

With the continued exponential increase in Bitcoin value, the market cap for the digital currency has surpassed nine billion USD, bringing the base price for a full bitcoin to around $578 USD. Along with this, the second-most valued cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has reached a 1.1 million USD market cap. Current trends show that the bitcoin price and market cap have no inclination of slowing down due to the halving event happening soon in July and the recent drop of the Chinese Yuan currency. This is the highest market cap so far after blowing past eight Billion USD last week. For readers unfamiliar with what a market cap is, it is the current amount of shares, or in this case, currency, available multiplied by the cost per currency. Currently there are about 15,622,750 bitcoins available. 15,622,750 x 578 is approximately 9.03 billion.


Libertarian Nominee accepting bitcoins for donations

Gary Johnson, recently nominated by the American Libertarian Party, is now accepting bitcoin donations for his general election run for President of the United States. Even though the two-party dominant system is in full-swing, Libertarians such

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