Bitcoin News Round Up May 22 2016

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Coinbase Rebrands, adds Trading Support for Ether

Licensed Bitcoin exchange Coinbase, this week announced support for trading Ether, the cryptocurrency that fuels Ethereum, as from May 24. Coindesk reported the Goldman Sachs backed exchange is also rebranding its logo and name, according to a spokesman, Adam White

“In addition to better highlighting the exchange that Coinbase is becoming we’re rebranding as GDAX, which stands for Global Digital Asset Exchange.”

GDAX was prompted to incorporate Ether after customer requests and Ethereum’s seeming success in blockchain development. The startup has also build out services on Ethereum such as wallets.

Gatecoin Hong Kong Exchange Crypto Assets Hacked

Gatecoin revealed it had been under attack from hackers over the course of May 9 – 12th. The exchange’s hot wallet system was breached and left exposed to attack by hackers. In the process, 15% of Gatecoin’s crypto assets disappeared, amounting to a loss of $ 2 million. After discovery, Gatecoin’s team partnered with Tehri security for a post hack forensic audit. Their results, outlined in an official statement, revealed 180,000 ETH and 250 BTC was lost to hackers

“The malicious external party involved in this breach, managed

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