Bitcoin News Round Up May 29 2016

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This week’s overview of cryptocurrency news and developments throughout the world.


Bitcoin Halving Imminent

Coming up in about 42 days, the ever-popular cryptocurrency will be cutting its yield from mining by 50%. As part of the bitcoin procedure, the reward for mining the digital halves after each time exactly 210,000 blocks are mined. Because of this, miners will be losing profits greatly, possibly damaging the current amount of miners. Because the incentive for blockchain computing is decreasing, many miners may throw in the towel if the price of the bitcoin does not improve considerably to cover the rewards being cut from them. Furthermore, because of this coming amendment to the bitcoin production yield, the price of bitcoin may rise quickly and possibly exponentially due to the decreasing creation of the digital currency. With the growing demand and consideration of bitcoin in businesses worldwide, the decrement in production could benefit miners and traders alike. You can watch the countdown to the Halving here.

Rootstock Labs Re-energizing Bitcoin for Smart Contracts

The main appeal for the rising altcoin Ethereum is the concept of using “smart contracts” to make companies and agreements more fluid and simple, making it the first of its

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