Bitcoin news roundup, 15th October 2016

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This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments

New developments:

Bitcoin Services Inc. to develop online marketplace for bitcoin

According to Yahoo! Finance, Bitcoin Services Inc. is to develop an online marketplace in which bitcoin is going to be the currency used to make transactions, which will give it an advantage over other marketplaces as fees are going to be extremely low – if there are any. Furthermore, bitcoin offers an extra layer of security other currencies do not offer. In the marketplace, there should be goods such as cars, apparel, electronics and even real estate. Services such as plumbing and catering may also be included.

Bitcoin wallet provider suffered a DNS attack

Earlier this week, bitcoin wallet provider suffered a Domain Name System (DNS) attack that ended up sending users to the wrong servers, which could potentially expose their credentials. As the attack happened, users warned each other through social media but some damage may have resulted, and users were told to reset their passwords after the problem was fixed. took itself down in order to reclaim its DNS records as soon as it noticed the attack was happening, which prevented further damage. On a Reddit post,

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