Bitcoin News Roundup – 18Oct. 2015

Recapping a week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around a web.

George Kerevan of a Scottish National Party is a clever disciple of a bitcoin. As Yessi Bello Perez of Coin Desk writes, a Scottish MP, vocalization during a SNP discussion in Aberdeen, has urged his celebration to cruise a hearing of a ScotPound, a inhabitant digital banking that would coexist with a bruise sterling. According to Kerevan, should another autonomy discuss come up, a digital banking would be a good choice to boost a recognition of a SNP.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is set to commander a blockchain technology-based use in 2016. As Bryan Glick of Computer Weekly reports, RBS is among a initial banks to gain on a distributed bill record and offers a business a applicable product. Although sum have not been supposing nonetheless due to a attraction of a project, RBS Head of Strategy and Commercial Services, John Lyons states that a plan is “on a fringes of payments” and will be prepared by early 2016.

UK considers a £10million spending for cryptocurrency research. As Nikhil Gupta of NewsBtc reports, Economic Secretary to a UK Treasury, Harriet Baldwin, has reliable a £10million funding

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