Bitcoin news roundup 21th August 2016

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This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments

New developments:

Bitcoin users may be attacked by government hackers

Popular bitcoin website has launched a warning message to its users who are looking forward to downloading their binaries (pre-compiled versions of bitcoin software that require no technical know-how to run), as they believe these may have been intercepted and compromised. The attack could either steal victims’ bitcoins, or attempt to take control of the majority of the bitcoin network through a “51% attack”.

The website claimed it has reason to believe in the government attack, but shows no evidence it may occur, nor does it claim what government may be attacking.

Hacker group claims it hacked the NSA

A hacker group that calls itself the “Shadow Brokers” claim to have hacked the NSA (National Security Agency). According to reports on the attack, they managed to steal cyber weapons they are now auctioning off to the highest bidder. A report from Business Insider has revealed that the NSA itself wasn’t hit, but that a server belonging to the Equation Group – a group of hackers believed to be part of the NSA – was indeed hacked.

Security experts, such as Kaspersky researcher Nicholas Weaver,

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