Bitcoin News Roundup 4th September 2016

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This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments

New developments:

Web broswer Brave to start paying publishers bitcoin through micropayments

Brave, a web-browser co-created by ex-Mozzilla CEO Brandan Eich that blocks ads, has launched Brave Payments in beta, a solution that aims to reward publishers with bitcoin as a way for them to keep on earning revenue, even though the ads are blocked. The payment is to be adjusted according to the amount of time users spend on the website, and how much users are willing to pay, as they select a monthly budget and which sites they pay – it uses BitGo as a wallet and Coinbase as a marketplace to purchase bitcoins.

Bitfinex started to pay out customer refunds

Following Bitfinex’s plan to get the exchange back online the way it used to be before it was hacked, it has already started to reimburse its clients, with 1.1812 percent of outstanding BFX tokens being redeemed by the exchange. Bitfinex has purchased these tokens at a $1 value per token, almost double the price of its current market value of 50-60 cents. According to a few sources, the exchange has also signed a letter of intent with an online

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