Bitcoin news roundup, 9th October 2016

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This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments

New developments:

Red Bull creates bitcoin-only vending machine

This weekend’s Hackers Congress Paralelni Polls was filled up with innovation, as a bitcoin-only vending machine was placed on the event, courtesy of Red Bull, the multi-billion dollar energy drink company. The congress was held near Prague, in Czech Republic, and was sponsored by the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. Each drink costs 2.3 mBTC, or 1.4 USD and to make a purchase, an NFC card was required. The purpose of the machine was to promote the use of the cryptocurrency, and to “energize visitors”. Red Bull has been known for its unorthodox marketing, which included Felix Baumgartner’s leap from outer space.

Brave, the browser that pays publishers in bitcoin, may aim to compete with Google

Brave, a browser co-created by an ex-Mozilla CEO that aims to pay publishers bitcoin according to what users are willing to pay and the amount of time they spend on different websites, has seen largely positive feedback from its users, as it claims both users and publishers will be able to earn revenue, even though there won’t be any ads on the browser at first. Expectations vary, as this is a new

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