Bitcoin: On The Way Back to the Moon and $1000?

The value of Bitcoin has been a roller-coaster ride for years. Now, we see a sharp, recent rise, and we wonder: is this a temporary pump, or are we on the way back to a $1000 Bitcoin?

We may like to believe there’s no reason it couldn’t happen, but let’s hope for gradual growth in that direction. It would be much better to get there over time, rather than over night so that we could count on the value being spread out, and people holding at various levels being many. This would be an ideal growth rather than a few days of crazy trading upwards.

One form of crazy growth would be a spike in demand, with people from some part of the world wanting as much coin as they can get their hands on, at whatever price. When that happens, that’s a good, natural form of growth as well, and that should be encouraged. The price can rise dramatically if a lot of people need to buy it right away.


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