Bitcoin-only decentralized marketplace, Rein, targets growing freelance industry

If developer David Sterry has his way, the freelance websites of the world, including Upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour, and eLance, won’t be around much longer. He’s creating a completely decentralized freelance services marketplace that uses smart contracts, distributed microhosting, and bitcoin.

– David Sterry, Rein

Rein is described on its project website as an open source, decentralized, professional services market, meaning it’s a freelance service that no one controls and no one can take down. Like Bitcoin, it’s designed to be unstoppable and uncensorable.

What OpenBazaar aims to do for the free trade of goods, Rein is designed to do for the free trade of labor. That means no middlemen and all of the benefits in efficiency that come with that; No imposed fees, no waiting for another party, no bureaucracy, nobody to remove your listing, no one to freeze your account, and no one to place a hold on your funds for reasons you don’t agree with. It’s the wild west again, this time in the jobs market.