Bitcoin-only decentralized marketplace, Rein, targets flourishing freelance industry

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If developer David Sterry has his way, a freelance websites of a world, including Upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour, and eLance, won’t be around most longer. He’s formulating a totally decentralized freelance services marketplace that uses intelligent contracts, distributed microhosting, and bitcoin.

– David Sterry, Rein

Rein is described on a plan website as an open source, decentralized, veteran services market, definition it’s a freelance use that no one controls and no one can take down. Like Bitcoin, it’s designed to be unstoppable and uncensorable.

What OpenBazaar aims to do for a giveaway trade of goods, Rein is designed to do for a giveaway trade of labor. That means no middlemen and all of a advantages in potency that come with that; No imposed fees, no watchful for another party, no bureaucracy, nobody to mislay your listing, no one to solidify your account, and no one to place a reason on your supports for reasons we don’t determine with. It’s a furious west again, this time in a jobs market.