Adds ‘Popular’ Ninki Wallet that Features Networking and Invoicing

Ninki Wallet is the first PGP Bitcoin wallet that allows users to create a payment network, send and receive invoices, and send and receive Bitcoin without having to deal with addresses. recently added it to its desktop and mobile wallet sections, which is a positive sign, as inclusion requires going through an intense review and meeting strong security requirements.

Ninki allows its users to build a chain among friends and clients, which makes its interface feel much like a social media app. Users can create contacts easily in order to make transactions quicker and more friendly. The wallet’s invoicing ability is the first such feature to be seen in a Bitcoin wallet.

Benjamin Smith, co-founder of Ninki, spoke with CoinTelegraph from his homebase in Tokyo. He tells us why he believes their wallet is different than others, and gives a description of the many security features Ninki offers.

Benjamin Smith, co-founder of Ninki

CoinTelegraph: Can you tell us what separates the Ninki Wallet from others?

Benjamin Smith: When we first started out, over 18 months ago now, one of the main design goals for

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