Violates its Mission Statement to Censor Coinbase

Almost immediately after publicizing their support for Gavin Andressen’s BIP 101 and Bitcoin XT, Coinbase was removed from

The de-listing of Coinbase’s bitcoin wallet platform followed a major upheaval in the Bitcoin community, as many of its members began to contest against’s unsupported decision to remove the world’s 2nd largest bitcoin wallet application from its website.

Over 95% of the individuals who voted on Github to revert the removal of Coinbase has been completely ignored, enraging the bitcoin community for’s actions and settlements which have violated a few sections from their very own mission statement:

  • Inform users to protect them from common mistakes.
  • Give an accurate description of Bitcoin properties, potential uses and limitations.
  • Display transparent alerts and events regarding the Bitcoin network.
  • Invite talented humans to help with Bitcoin development at many levels.
  • Provide visibility to the large scale Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Improve Bitcoin worldwide accessibility with internationalization.
  • Remain a neutral informative resource about Bitcoin.

Although is an independent organization and does not hold any responsibility to oblige to anyone in the community, they’re further drifting themselves as a reliable bitcoin-promoting institutions through heavy censorship.

According to their mission statement, the organization was to “remain a neutral informative resource about

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