Bitcoin Paper Wallets Get a Swiss Facelift for the Holidays

People have been conditioned for thousands of year to hold currency in their hands and the modern phenomenon of bitcoin paper wallets is quite different. The current paper currency system was originally just a receipt for funds held in reserve at a bank, not the actual monetary value itself. Now that the centralized banking system and nation-states have exploited this system for their gain of unlimited credit, people are moving to Bitcoin for sound money value. Still, many are not comfortable with the idea of their money existing solely in the online world, and would like to hold a certificate of ownership in their hands. That’s where paper wallets can fill a market gap.

Switzerland is an international haven of many useful economic tools that are a boon to the Bitcoin community. Electricity rates are low, so Bitcoin mining is not uncommon. Banking and financial regulations are favorable to those who live abroad. Plus, many great Bitcoin developers throughout Europe flock to Switzerland to do business and innovate. This has created a new paper wallet that may help make owning a Bitcoin wallet a little bit more tangible and appreciated by the common man. Wallets are traditionally

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