Bitcoin Paves a Way for Evolution of the Species

Nozomi Hayase PhD, is a writer covering issues of freedom of speech, transparency and decentralized movements. In this article, she looks at bitcoin in the context of Darwin’s evolutionary theories.


In the six years since the inception of Satoshi Nakamoto’s blockchain, many have begun to see bitcoin as a disruption force in the future of finance.

Put simply, money is a ledger – one that has now become programmable. Now anyone can create their own currency and with simple scripting language, different values can be coded to manifest values of community.

Economists try to understand this new innovation through modern monetary theory, while those who advocate economic equality tend to dismiss bitcoin as Wall Street-friendly currency with a libertarian bent.

Yet, careful examination of its design reveals how the vision of this technology transcends political ideology. In actuality, it is best understood as a representation of innate human nature and as an innovation that can foster evolution of the species.

Darwin’s vision

The vision of man put forward by naturalist Charles Darwin in the 19th century contained aspects of human nature that can appear somewhat contradictory.

Most people are familiar with Darwin’s theory of genetic mutation, natural selection

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