Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay Partners With Bloq


BitPay, a global bitcoin payment service provider, has announced blockchain technology provider Bloq as its preferred commercial partner for its open source Bitcoin full node and development platform, Bitcore.

Bloq will offer enterprise-grade implementation and 24/7 support for companies using BitPay’s full node and development platform to develop Bitcoin and blockchain-based services.

“Through this partnership, Bloq will be offering Bitcore in its BloqEnterprise product offering. Companies using Bitcore with BloqEnterprise will get all of the functionality of Bitcoin and a full Bitcoin node along with native utilities and intuitive Node.js libraries for extending that functionality”, BitPay said in a blog post.

It further said that services using Bitcore will be able to make direct function calls to the bitcoin blockchain or create new blockchain-based services for everything – from trustlessly timestamping digital contracts to creating digital assets and tokens.

Former Bitcoin Core Developer and current BitPay advisor Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak founded Bloq Inc. that delivers expert development services and support to leading companies working with blockchain technology. Its board of advisors includes bitcoin experts Andrew Filipowski, James Newsome, Nick Szabo, and Gavin Andresen.  

Within just few months, Bloq has been making waves – it has partnered with Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform; working with Foxconn, PricewaterCoopers and much more.

“Bloq will be bringing expertise in Bitcoin to these and other companies exploring blockchain technology in their industries”, BitPay added.

In January, BitPay announced that Bitcore is the first Bitcoin service available for Azure users. Bitcore offers a “comprehensive set” of Node.js language libraries for extending Bitcoin’s functionality. It also includes a native set of utilities that enables users to test and develop Bitcoin services without the need to depend on third party APIs for querying the blockchain. This reduces the requirement for trust as well as removes single points of failure for companies running Bitcoin services.

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