Bitcoin Payments Sees a Decline – Says Expedia

Expedia, the online travel and hotel bookings portal has reported a 40 percent decrease in bitcoin purchases. Other companies and event management portals are also reporting reduction in number of bitcoin based purchases, with few merchants experiencing a fall of up to 90 percent compared to previous year.

Even though the volume of bitcoin transactions seems to have decreased, the number of merchants including bitcoin payments as an additional option is gradually increasing. The reason for reduction in number of bitcoin payments can be related to the declining bitcoin prices. Compared to the same time last year, the bitcoin prices have gone down by more than 50 percent, and there are those who are holding on to the bitcoins from those times, expecting the bitcoin price to rise so that they don’t lose out on market volatility.

Apart from that, the reduction can also attributed to specific industry sectors. Even with Expedia, the fall in bitcoin payments was experienced only on hotel booking options where people have to pay upfront. Expedia’s services also includes pay later option, where customers can choose to pay when they check out of the hotels. Even in case of airlines, the company is allowed to only accept

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