Bitcoin Poker Sites (a postscript)

When writing the Bitcoin Poker Sites post, an issue cropped up in the back of my mind. Namely, with people attending only to play free rolls, how was going to continue with its business model? 
Not that the payouts are big – 3 chips in total, which equals 0.003 BTC – but with the dearth of people playing cash games and sit and goes, it represents an outflow for which they’re not being compensated. Of course, they also have ongoing web hosting and administration costs, probably paid a pretty sum for development of their poker platform, and are probably hoping to earn a profit as well. 
Sometime over the weekend, hourly free rolls disappeared from‘s site, leaving a few people scratching their heads and wondering what to do in the lobby. By Sunday, when I last checked, there was no one signed in at all. 

Went to cash out, as I’d earned 17.25 chips (0.0175 BTC)  from winning and placing in their freerolls, but the minimum withdrawal amount is 20 chips. Went ahead and deposited the difference, which the site recognized and credited to my account within an hour, and then submitted a withdrawal request. Woke up this morning, checked my wallet and saw that the withdrawn came through last night

It’s a shame, I enjoyed the freerolls over there. I wished that there were more players who’d want to play other games,  but that wasn’t happening. Hopefully this is just a glitch – I’ll continue checking their site from time to time, but as it stands it appears that is no longer. 

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