Bitcoin PR Buzz Offering Tons Of Free Advertising Goodies For A Limited Time

Getting the word out about a new Bitcoin or virtual currency service, platform or company, is not an easy task.  In mainstream media, companies send out a press release to a PR service, which will then spread it further to channels such as Reuters, Yahoo Finance etc.  For Bitcoin, however, things are a bit different.  Luckily for all parties involved, there is a service such as Bitcoin PR Buzz.

Bitcoin PR Buzz – Marketing Beyond The Bitcoin Frontier

More often than not, novice users assume that any Bitcoin-related marketing effort is only targeting the virtual community itself.  If this were the case, the communities would never be able to grow, as the message would only be broadcasted to people already involved with Bitcoin.  This would be very counter-productive, as the goal is to reach a mainstream audience and get people to look beyond what they know.

On the other hand, taking a Bitcoin company’s press release and submitting it through traditional channels, is not doing anyone any favours either.  PR services are working around the clock to spread the word about “regular” mainstream news and the Bitcoin news would be lost in

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