Bitcoin Price, All Roads Lead North!

Since its introduction, bitcoin’s price has never been the hallmark of stability. It has proven itself to be a highly volatile digital currency which has recently shown some signs of stability in its value. The value of bitcoin is currently hovering at the $440 range, which is considered to be less than its estimated value at the moment.

The value of bitcoin has been in the $400 range since the beginning of this year. With lots of changes expected on the bitcoin network, we can expect these changes to have an impact on the value of the digital currency this year. The mainstream bitcoin news media has been speculating about the rise in bitcoin price in the coming days.

Some of the potential reasons that will drive the bitcoin price upwards includes:

Bitcoin halving, the digital currency protocol is designed in such a way that the number of fresh bitcoins created after every 10 minutes is constant. This will ensure a constant supply of the digital currency in the network, maintaining its liquidity. At the same time, in order to limit the supply, the number of bitcoin created with each block discovery will reduce by half periodically. And the next halving in

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