Bitcoin Price Analysis 20 September 2016

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This week, the price of bitcoin was on a hungover from the $40 surprise sell off from last week, 11 September. Price retraced from the low $594 bottom, and traded sideways within the $595 – $610 range. Bitcoin did not make the headlines this week, as much of the news comprised alternative blockchains.

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Save 1.png

The dominant trend as seen above has been a sideways ranged flanked by $600 lower and $610 upper. The huge drop from $630 needs to retrace fully to resume the anticipated trend up to $650. Until then, this consolidation will persist sideways within this range. It is worth watching out for any great news about bitcoin from DevCon 2 in Shanghai that may tip a decisive break.

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Save 3.png This chart shows a fork from January 2015 base. Price broke below a major quarterly trendline (in blue) before finding support on a second quarterly line(in pink). In the wake of the BitFinex Hack of August 1, it has found support and drifted up the trendline, breaking up to $630. The mid-level trendline

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