Bitcoin Price Analysis 22nd October


This week bitcoin went adult 10%, trending adult from $250 to a week high of $ 275. The marketplace exhibited vigilant this week, relocating adult strongly on a behind of equally convincing volumes.


Looking during this draft from final week’s analysis, a marketplace had to overcome insurgency during $250 (4) before relocating adult aloft towards 100 EMA aim during $276 (5). Moving normal lines are good for targeting insurgency and support levels. You can fast tell how clever a turn is by attempts done to mangle it. Like (1), (2) and (3).


As we write this, cost sits right next 100 day EMA line during (5) $268, where insurgency is pulling behind on it into a consolidation. Price crude during this turn is no coincidence. There are mixed indicators because cost is consolidating here before a preference on either some-more upside will follow.


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