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The technical setups posted next use elementary trend detection, support and resistance, channels, settlement and candle analysis. We aim for high-probability trade setups on BTCUSD and use really few indicators. All charts use BNC’s Bitcoin Liquid Index for limit accuracy.

The timeframe for trades is 1 to 7 days, so we’ll use 4h candlesticks. Bitcoin is best traded as a quite suppositional commodity on 4h+ timeframes.

Market Sentiment

This territory is formed on inner (anonymized) Whaleclub trade information and is published exclusively on BNC.

Current Active Long vs Short Volume Ratio: 5.15:1

Average Active Long vs Short Volume Ratio: 2.6:1

We have a vital additional in active prolonged volume relations to a average. Market view is overwhelmingly bullish and has been so for a while now, with bulls entrance in to means and “buy a dip” that occurred between $470 to $435.

The normal weighted prolonged entrance cost is $461.88, that means that on average, active longs are in a red (losing). This entrance cost is comparatively high and indicates that many players are still holding on to a prolonged positions they entered in a tip area, around $470. This creates clarity as BTCUSD has been operation firm for

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