Bitcoin Price Analysis — CNY Devaluations assisting bitcoin bull-run

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Nathaniel Freire is a full time day merchant trade Digital Assets, Forex and Stocks. Based in New Jersey, Nathaniel Freire specializes in technical research with a turn of amicable view and elemental analysis. You can follow Nathaniel on Twitter @Cryptocoinrun

The technical setups posted next use elementary trend detection, support and resistance, channels, settlement and candlestick analysis. We aim for high-probability trade setups on BTCUSD and use really few indicators. All charts use BNC’s Bitcoin Liquid Index for limit accuracy.

The timeframe for trades is 1 to 7 days, so we’ll use 4h candlesticks. Bitcoin is best traded as a quite suppositional commodity on 4h+ timeframes.

Market Sentiment And Macro Key Points

This territory is an overview of news headlines or events that might impact BTCUSD.

  • The mining pool ViaBTC, motionless to pierce all of a mining operations to Bitcoin Unlimited. ViaBTC’s pool shrank to roughly 10% of a network’s estimate energy given a announcement.
  • SEC seeks additional comments on Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF order change. This movement does not vigilance a rejection. It only merely delays a timeline for capitulation as a SEC looks for additional information before they make a final decision.
  • Bitcoin refurbish 0.13.1 Segwit refurbish looks

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