Bitcoin Price Breaks 300, Corrects; Back up Today?

Global asset markets are currently being dominated by what’s going on in the Eurozone and – more specifically – Greece. For the past few months there has been non-stop debate between the people, its government and EU leadership as to Greece’s position in Europe, both current and future. In the equities markets, this has translated to some uncertainty, and – as a result – we have seen a reallocation from the high-risk assets to what are generally considered risk off assets – primarily gold and silver. However, as a side product of this reallocation, we have also see some upside movement in the bitcoin price. Over the weekend we broke $300 for the first time since a spike up in January, and – while we are now trading below this level – the break offers us a medium-term bullish outcome for the bitcoin price going forward. So, with this said, what are the levels that we are watching today according to our breakout strategy, and how will we be looking to get in and out of the markets take advantage of the fundamentally driven volatility? Take a quick look at the chart.

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