Bitcoin Price Bumps The $680 Ceiling

Bitcoin Price Bumps The $680 Ceiling

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Bitcoin cost looked to be advancing usually to strike opposite a insurgency ceiling. How to trade in a entrance days (or weeks) is contingent on how a marketplace negotiates $680.

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Bitcoin Price Analysis

Time of analysis: 15h00 UTC

Bitstamp 1-Hour Candle Chart


From a research pages of, progressing today:

The preference not to open position – formed on a misleading signaling and disaster to settle above $680 (Bitstamp) – was prudent.

Remember that, in trading-speak, when we contend “establish above $680”, that means a merchant wants to see a marketplace open a cost candle (1hr in this case) above $680 and also tighten a candle above $680. This did, in fact, occur during 04h00 UTC currently 18 July, though a candle was a Doji (magenta arrow), that implies annulment behind down.

The $680 turn is poignant given it has exerted change given late 2013.

Let’s sojourn studious and disciplined, – a market

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