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Bitcoin Price Decline Targets $500 Bitfinex – CCN: Financial Bitcoin …

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Bitcoin cost continues decrease as a throng keeps selling. Bitfinex management, so fervent to emanate an sense of recovery, are once again carrying their liquidity emptied by a relentless sell-off, and this time they can’t cry “hack!”

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Bitcoin Price Analysis

Time of analysis: 13h00 UTC Sunday

Bitfinex 1-Day Candle Chart


From a research pages of, progressing today:

The conditions for decrease had been stacking adult during a past week. We have both a 4hr and 1hr charts’ MACD descending divided next 0 (magenta round in a 4hr chart, above).

Traders during had been suggested to wait for cost to mangle next a support that shaped during $580 (Bitstamp). Mindful of a probability of converging above this level, had waited for a full multiple of sell criteria:

1) cost contingency decrease next a new support turn during $580 (Bitstamp)
2) a 4hr MACD sell vigilance contingency outrider a decline
3) the

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