Bitcoin Price Drops As Block Size Uncertainty Looms Yet Again

Bitcoin enthusiasts who have been looking at the price charts will have noticed things are heading in the wrong direction. The meeting between Bitcoin miners and Core developers is causing a lot of concern right now, resulting in a Bitcoin price crash. These closed-door meetings are having a similar effect every time they take place, though.

It is not the first time Bitcoin Core developers and major mining pool operators come together for such a meeting. Several of these events have taken place over the past few months, all of which revolve around the upcoming block size increase issue. Interestingly enough, the Bitcoin price drops as soon as these meetings take place every single time.

Bitcoin Price Dips During Closed Door Meeting

Details about this most recent meeting between developers and miners are very hard to come by. No media representatives are allowed to attend these closed-door meetings, and the community will have to wait for an official statement by the attendees. Looming uncertainty has never done the price of any asset any favors, and Bitcoin is no different in that regard.

From what little information we have managed to gather, nearly two dozen Bitcoin Core and Lightning

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