Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC HIts 2-Month Low After Hacking

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The Bitcoin cost is tighten to prosaic lining, but, for those maestro crypto banking traders out there, it is usually a new event around a corner. With a Bitcoin cost valued during around 613 USD, a altogether views right now are hardly Bearish.

In today’s Bitcoin news, a BTC/USD has plunged to a two-month low after one of a biggest exchanges suggested it had been hacked.

As reported by a FT, “Hong Kong-based Bitfinex announced a confidence crack and froze all patron accounts late on Tuesday.”

“Bitfinex is a largest dollar-based sell and third-largest globally behind OKCoin and BTC China, both of that are formed in renminbi.”

The new bearish BTC moves exhibit that a Bitcoin cost could be set to exam pivotal support.

However, a longer-term BTC USD trend aloft stays intact, says latest research.

Does anyone have a idea because a remarkable loose cost movement?

The final time Bitcoin cost done tighten to no movement, within a integrate of hours we saw a really clever spike (27th of May), opening a doorway to a Bullish trend that finished on a 14th of July.

Since then, the

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