Bitcoin Price Heading Towards $340 – ETA 12 hours!!!

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Bitcoin cost surged progressing currently to imitation a high of $325. It seems that a $290-$300 turn is ancillary a cost utterly well, as a downtrend has been always reversing whenever a cost approaches a $310 turn that reflects that this turn is ancillary bitcoin cost utterly well.

New Uptrend On The 1 Hour Charts:

By watching a 1 hour (BTC/USD) charts from Bitstamp (look during a next chart), plotting a 20,50 and 100 EMAs and executing a RSI and gripping the Fib retracements we plotted progressing this month, we can interpretation a following:

  • Just when bitcoin cost fell to hold a $310 turn during around 2:00 am today, a prolonged downwards candlestick shade was formed, that reflects a clever support during this level, and a downtrend was topsy-turvy and bitcoin cost started rising to measure a high of around $325.
  • Since a 16th of November, cost was good upheld above a $300 turn as shown by a prolonged downwards shadows of a candlesticks whenever bitcoin cost approached this vicious turn (look during a next chart).
  • Bitcoin cost has only surged to surpass a 20 duration EMA, that reflects that a new ceiling trend is strengthening up. We can see a cost arise to

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