Bitcoin Price: Here’s Proof Governments Are Worried About Bitcoin

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Venezuela Waging PR War on BitcoinVenezuela Waging PR War on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is jolt adult a Internet, though some governments might be perplexing to close it down.

Venezuela is in a slow-motion economic collapse. Failed policies have pushed a republic toward bankruptcy, sparking a call of hyperinflation. To strengthen their wealth, savers have incited to choice currencies like bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency’s popularity, however, might have authorities worried. Last week, Venezolana de Television began a debate opposite Bitcoin. In a square published Wednesday, a country’s open broadcaster railed opposite a digital item and remuneration system. (Source: “BitCoin: El sistema cibercriminal,” Venezolana de Television, Mar 18, 2016.)

Bitcoin, a essay explains, is a apparatus for criminals. The digital banking is a middle of sell for trade drugs and weapons. Anonymous transactions, a author fears, supports pornography, murder for hire, as good as a robbery of books, movies, music, and software.

“Is it fluke that a rapist and militant groups in a universe are a categorical activists and advocates of bitcoin?” a essay asks, according to a Google-translated chronicle of a piece. “This practical banking is not corroborated by any establishment or nation and is used

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