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Bitcoin Price Hovering After Mini-Surge

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Bitcoin cost pushed to $392 (Bitstamp) and, today, attempted a high again though failed. Once again in tandem with gold, bitcoin cost fell divided from a high and now approaches support. Will it mangle or will it bounce?

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Bitcoin Price Analysis

Time of analysis: 14h30 UTC

Bitfinex 1-Hour Chart


From a research pages of xbt.social, progressing today:

The 1hr movement indicators are all declining, though this does not obviate another call to a new high. If cost does pull higher, afterwards a new high should be accompanied by indicator dissimilarity in a 1hr chart.

RSI (third from top) has retreat diverged (blue arrow) in propinquity to a high of Jan 21 while MACD (top) is retreat diverged to a reduce high of Jan 24. This retreat dissimilarity should force cost reduce (and there is a downward

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