Bitcoin Price Pushes Past $400

Bitcoin Price Pushes Past $400

2016 has already seen a fair deal of significant bitcoin price activity. Following a steady resurgence after a low of $360 in January, the price of the cryptocurrency scaled past $400 for the first time in February.

The Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) struck $400 for the first time this month yesterday at 10:50 AM UTC. Trading saw Bitcoin price reach a high of $405.83 toward the end of the Sunday. Eventually, the BPI struck a high of $407.44 in the early hours of Feb 15th today.

BPI-02-15-15 399.97


At the time of publishing, bitcoin was trading at $399.97.

While the bitcoin community remains divided in the controversial block size debate, the recent steady swell could arguably be attributed to the stand taken by key bitcoin exchanges and miners. The Bitcoin Roundtable – a community of miners, exchanges, wallets and businesses published a letter to announce their rejection of Bitcoin Classic, a hard-fork. The statement from mining pools that collectively make up the majority of the

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