Bitcoin Price Sideways; Range Trade in Play

Bitcoin Price Sideways; Range Trade in Play

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Late yesterday evening we published our twice-daily bitcoin price watch analysis piece. We pointed out that – despite plenty of volume – we have seen very little volatility in the value of bitcoin over the past week or so. This has posed a number of problems as far as our scalp strategy is concerned, but – as we also pointed out last night – it has given us an opportunity to employ our intra-range strategy – i.e. long at support and short at resistance. So, with this said, and now as we head into a fresh European session on Friday, what are the levels that we are keeping an eye on in the bitcoin price today, and how can we take advantage of any movement we get as we head into the weekend? Take a quick look at the chart below.

bitcoin price

As the chart shows, we are currently trading mid-range between what serves as in term support at 226.83 and resistance at 230.77. These are the two levels that we are going to be keeping an

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