Bitcoin Price Soars Past $330. $400 Imminent?

There is a lot of excitement right now as the Bitcoin price continues to rise. It has been slowly going up for some weeks now. Now that we’ve seen it break the $300 mark, there’s no way to know when will it top up or crash. The price has reached a range where the momentum of trust and investment is critical, and considering how the Bitcoin value is growing right now, we will easily reach $350.

Through 2015, Bitcoin’s price volatility decreased when compared to the previous years;  it has been “quiet” around the $250 mark. On July the 25th, the price went up to beat $315, but it was not able to hold the mark, and–after some dumps–we’ve seen it crash down to about $198 in September. After a close analysis, we can see that the floor price for this year was a minimum of about $154 in January. Since then, we have seen more than a 35% increase.

Since last Wednesday, the 28th of October, the price has been around the $300 mark and all points to the fact that we might see it coming to the $350 barrier. Bitcoin has remained around $250-270 for

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