Bitcoin Price Surges, Gaming Enthusiasts Rejoice

Following the announcement on October 22nd by the EU Court of Justice which had ruled Bitcoin exempt from taxes, the price of the crypto currency has steadily increased, eventually spiking at over $500 USD. The news sparked a fury of trading across the Bitcoin world while many Bitcoin exchanges in the United States and China reported unprecedented growth in their user bases over a relatively short period of time. While the announcement itself is wonderful news for Bitcoin, the online Bitcoin casino community might be the most excited.

With a massive influx of Bitcoin popularity across the globe, the online Bitcoin casinos have experienced an organic influx of new players. Players who have been using the currency to gamble online soon realized that their winnings are being multiplied virtually overnight due to the rising popularity and speculated value of Bitcoin.

mBit Casino is among those online gaming platforms that has seen one of the largest increases in their player base these past few weeks with unique players showing up in droves with their freshly acquired Bitcoins. Having been in the industry since 2013, the online Bitcoin casino solidified its reputation with the highest payout ever. We got in touch with an mBit Casino representative

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