Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 4/9/2015 – Afloat, But For How Long?

Bitcoin is toiling hard to not break down. The cryptocurrency is under a strong pressure, but the bulls are putting up a remarkable fight to defend a crucial support level, which we will be discussing very soon. But for how long they are able to do so in an adverse environment remains to be seen. Bitcoin is currently trading at $228.90.

bitcoin price chartbitcoin price chart


Today, we will be discussing the technical considerations of the weekly BTC-USD price chart.

Bitcoin Chart Structure – If we take a look at the weekly chart above for the period spanning year-to-date, we find that the trendline connecting the closing lows is actually providing great support to Bitcoin for the past three weeks. No matter what the daily fluctuations have been, Bitcoin has been flat on a weekly closing basis for two weeks (three if it settles this week at current levels).

Moving Averages – The 9-week SMA of $263.2756 can be seen closing in on the 30-week SMA of $250.3773. If the short-term average closes below the long-term average, expect a serious decline in the market cap.


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