Bitcoin Price Tipping Point

Bitcoin Price Tipping Point

Bitcoin price bounces from lower high to lower high as the buyers rejoice in their buying opportunity prior to a rally to the moon. The chart has been keeling into decline and the social mood is negative. But buying, at all costs, it seems, is still the norm.

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Bitcoin Price Analysis

Time of analysis: 13h00 UTC

OKCoin BTC/USD 1-Day Chart


Today we consider an article by new-found Bitcoin superbull, Charlie Morris, of MoneyWeek UK.

Charlie Morris argues that, given the upcoming block reward halving, the only option for speculators is to be long bitcoin, and his conclusion is an hyperbolic buy-buy-buy (exclamation mark).

Hold on. Hold on. Let’s consider the facts.

His article makes a false comparison and the author proclaims the erroneous conception that:

“The more people who use it, the more valuable it

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