Bitcoin Price Watch; A Fresh Week’s Trading!

Right then. A fresh week is here in the bitcoin price, and we are hoping for a replication of last week’s volatility. This week, things should start to settle down from a fundamental perspective. There was a lot going on last week politically, and political uncertainty always filters through to the markets – that is, the financial asset markets. It’s really too early to tell whether or not this sort of impact will translate to sentiment shifts in crypto. Yes, we’re closing in on a decade of maturation, but even that’s far too early.

As a prediction, I guess at some point over the next decade or so we will see bitcoin’s valuation risk linked. If sentiment is weak, and investors in global markets are forced into a risk off sentiment, things like gold and other precious metals gain as markets look t park capital in safe haven assets.

Bitcoin makes for a nice alternative to these traditional safe havens (at least in concept) but right now there’s too high a degree of distrust in the space (wrongly, but it’s there nonetheless) for markets looking in from the outside.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. We’re here to put some key levels together, and

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