Bitcoin Price Watch; Kicking Off A Volatile Week

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We’ve had a flattering crazy few weeks in a bitcoin cost space, and this has translated to some sensitivity in a efficacy of a strategy. We have seen some macro events – a Brexit, politics in a US, etc. – and some micro shocks such as a ethereum hack and a Bitfinex freeze, and any of these has impacted a cost of bitcoin in their possess way. We were looking for some risk off view towards a finish of final week, and in turn, a change to bitcoin as a risk off (safe haven) asset. We saw a small bit of this post UK referendum, as cost recovered on a waste a small bit to lift behind some of a waste it had done via a progressing half of a week. As a weekend movement played out, however, this protected breakwater idea fell by a little, and cost once again started to decline. Sunday saw midday lows of circa 620, a lowest cost seen given midst final week. So, with this said, and as we conduct into a uninformed week of trade in a bitcoin price, where are we looking to get in and out of a markets?

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