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Things are getting back in to full swing in the financial markets now, and we are going to look for a big month in the bitcoin price. We’ve had a pretty flat quarter so far (not unexpected, but still a bit frustrating) and it’s now time to move things up a gear and get in on the volatility we know is coming. For those not familiar with the financial asset markets, summer is generally pretty slow. This comes as a result of a combination of factors, including the money movers in the major cities being out of the office, as well as the retail traders and the speculators not sitting down at their terminals of an evening (instead spending time outside in the warmer weather). As autumn kicks in, however, things get a little cooler, and people spend a little bit more of their time inside, The big names are back at their desks in New York, and the darker evenings bring more opportunity for screen time.

All this equates to one thing in the markets – volume. As we know, volume moves markets, and markets moving is as the core of our intraday breakout strategy.

So, with this in mind, let’s

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