Bitcoin Price Watch; Live Strategy Plays

At the end of last week, we suggested we might see some sharp action in the bitcoin price over the weekend. As the markets opened in Asia on Sunday night, we did see this action, in the form of a sharp decline on higher than normal sale volume. Yesterday’s action saw the bitcoin price gain a bit of strength, with action closing the gap of the decline and bringing bitcoin to trade at pretty much the same levels it did over the weekend. This sort of volatility can be pretty tough to approach. The movements don’t seem to be fundamentally driven – although there must be some level of correlation between what’s going on in the space and what’s going on at the exchanges – meaning we can’t easily predict when price is set to move. During yesterday’s session this didn’t really make too much of a difference – we set up against a pretty tight range and managed to get in and out of the markets on breakout action pretty cleanly. Going forward, we’re hoping for much of the same – so with this in mind, let’s take a look at the levels we are focusing on today, and

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