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So the markets have now drawn to a close out of Europe, and it’s time to take our second look of the day at the bitcoin price. In this morning’s analysis, we focused on action over the last few days, and noted that the bullish run in price may be sustainable, and that we should see an influx of volume into the markets today on the back of the return to business in the US. We also made a side note of pointing out that the next three months are generally some of the busiest in the traditional financial asset markets, and base don the few of years’ worth of volume data we have on the bitcoin space, cryptocurrency is no different. As such, after what has been a pretty stagnant summer, we are expecting a high volume, high volatility close to this quarter and the same heading into the next.

This is great for us, of course, as we are breakout traders. Breakout traders love volatility and – even better – love it when that volatility has enough volume behind it to translate into a sustainable move.

That’s for the future, however.

For now, let’s focus on what’s happening on the intraday

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