Bitcoin Price Watch; Strategy Redefined / July 30, 2015

Action has been pretty tight in the bitcoin price of the last week or so, and – despite a certain amount of volatility – getting in and out of the markets according to our intraday breakout strategy has been pretty difficult. There have been number of opportunities, but we have also been stopped out on occasion, and – as we head into the latter half of the week – the bitcoin price doesn’t look like it’s going to move too far in either direction – at least not on its own (we may see some fundamental driver inject some volatility, but as yet we cannot account for it). So, with this said, for today session, we are looking at shifting our perspective and trading a combination of an intro range strategy, while also incorporating a breakout target, but keeping things extremely tight to both the upside in the downside. Here’s what we are watching during today’s session as far as key levels are concerned, and when we will look to trade according to these levels.