Bitcoin Price Watch; We Got Some Action!

We’ve spent the last week or so wishing for some volatility in the bitcoin price, and today we finally got some during the European session. Having outlined a triangle pattern earlier this morning, we set up against both sides of the market with the intention of getting in on the break of the triangle’s parameters. Initially, we got chopped out of an upside trade on what turned out to be a false break. Almost immediately, however, we got an opportunity to get in again, this time to the downside with the momentum that saw our stop hit, and we carried through to our short side target relatively quickly. From this target hit, price recovered, and we saw some upside action we we traded intrarange, and managed to sneak out a secondary scalp profit with our secondary strategy. We now trade mid range between some slightly altered key levels (with a slight downside bias) and are looking to get into another couple of trades as the European session closes out and the US afternoon kicks off. So, with that said, and as we head into the US afternoon and beyond into the Asian session tonight, here’s what we are going for.


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