Bitcoin Price Weekly Update

Bitcoin Price Weekly Update

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Long-time readers of CCN competence remember me. 

I was a technical researcher in 2014 stating on Bitcoin cost from a traders’ perspective.  we trust many readers will find my research a bit opposite from those of other technical analysts.  While we am informed with a indicators used by many traders, we rest on geometry initial and foremost, as good as other some-more enigmatic indicators.   This will expected seem bizarre to traders who have never deliberate geometry a trade-able apparatus in a markets.  (My interjection to Eduardo Altmann of Gunner24, who taught me a value of geometry in trading.)

When essay my thoughts any day, we will tend to strech conclusions as to illusive destiny events, tentatively during least.  Anyone who took a elementary charting march can news on what ALREADY happened.  Such a elementary news competence say: “[The item in question] found support on a 100-day relocating average, though afterwards stalled during a 50% retracement from a prior high.”  News on financial TV reports like this each day.  “Stocks fell currently on news of blah blah

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