Bitcoin Privacy Tool ‘CoinShuffle’ Sees First Transaction

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A form of unknown bitcoin transaction that remoteness enthusiasts have been available for years has finally been tested successfully.

Sent on a bitcoin exam network progressing this month, a transaction is presumably a initial real-world doing of CoinShuffle, a offer that initial generated fad in Apr 2014 for building on existent remoteness techniques in a approach that doesn’t rest on third parties.

Until now, it was only a proof-of-concept, though on 15th August, bitcoin developer Daniel Krawisz sent what he believes is a initial transaction utilizing this tool.

The large thought behind a technique is that it guards supportive user information that might differently be visible on bitcoin’s open blockchain, though a short-term idea is to incorporate a technique into a bitcoin wallet use Mycelium, that is sponsoring a project. Launched in 2013, Mycelium recently expelled a roadmap with CoinShuffle scheduled for “phase 5”, or a final step, of a growth plan.

Krawisz, who’s been operative on Mycelium’s CoinShuffle doing given late final year, chose the name Shufflepuff for a devise as a approach to alleviate a tarnish that anonymizing bitcoin techniques mostly lift due to their abuse by unlawful actors.

Krawisz told CoinDesk:

“It’s open source,

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