Bitcoin Product of the Week: Silent Pocket Make Your Device Undetectable


Silent Pocket is the first product featured as the Bitcoin product of the week, a new series from Bitcoin Magazine highlighting some of the cool, interesting, or funny things you can buy with bitcoin. What should we cover next week? Let us know at

Silent Pocket is a wireless shielding technology integrated into sleek leather goods like bags, pouches, backpacks, etc. which makes any device undetectable by instantly blocking cellular, GPS, WIFI, Bluetototh, RFID and NFC in all frequencies.

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The feature prevents potential data breaches, hacking attacks or identity theft on mobile devices and other hardware such as bitcoin hard wallets and by protecting all devices, including cell phones, credit cards, passports, tablets and computers.

“Aside from preventing identity theft and fraud as well as corporate espionage, there are also social concerns with being constantly connected,” the Silent Pocket team says. “While technology has provided us a means of connection that would have never been possible otherwise, it is also causing many to feel spread too thin.”

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