Bitcoin Ransoming Romney Hacker Sentenced to 25 Years

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37 year old Michael Mancil Brown was asking for $1,000,000,000 in Bitcoin in exchange for Mitt Romney’s tax records. He has been guilty of extortion and fraud.

In August of 2012 Michael Brown wrote a letter to one of Romney’s accountants,PwC, telling them that he had hacked the company servers and stole Romney and his wife Anne’s tax records and wanted a one million dollar bitcoin ransom in exchange for the info.

At this time, the presidential elections were right around the corner, and Romney was being criticized for only releasing two years of tax returns that showed he had paid about 15% tax. Brown told PwC that he had Romney’s returns from pre-2010 and also stated he offered both political parties the same deal.

On Pastebin the following month, Brown using the name Dr. Evil, posted a series of entries claiming that PwC’s network had been breached on August 25th. One of Browns hacking team members broke into a PwC terminal from an upstairs office, extracted Romney’s files and snuck it out of the building.

Threatening a full release of Romney’s tax returns by September 28th, Brown said that some media firms had been sent copies, but were keeping it under wraps.

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